Cleaner, Safer, Healthier Matters

We all play an important role in providing a clean, safe and healthy environment for our guests, and of equal importance, our staff.

An unintended consequence of welcoming guests to your hotels and having every staff member work their designated shifts is that people carry germs and people are bringing viruses and bacteria into your properties every day. It could be the flu virus, perhaps the common cold, or worse still norovirus. And while all these viruses are unique in terms of their mode or infection and ability to cause disease, they all have one thing in common – robust cleaning and disinfection can reduce infection risk for guests and staff.

Some viruses like noroviruses are more difficult to kill through disinfection than others like influenza. It is important to realize that not all disinfectants are created equally. Thus disinfectants in the U.S. carry specific EPA registered claims. One cannot assume that a disinfectant that kills influenza will kill norovirus. A quick review of the product label will indicate which viruses a particular disinfectant kills, what dilution rates are required to be considered a disinfectant and what dwell time is required of that product to achieve disinfection.

Here are a few guidelines to follow to ensure proper cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene in the hospitality industry:

Guest Rooms:

  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect all hard surfaces.
  • High Touch Points: door handles, desk, table, chairs, lamps, dresser drawer handles, light switches, thermostats, drapery pull handles, mini-bar, menu, room collateral, telephone, remote control, alarm clock, television, safety latch, iron handle, hangers, luggage rack, faucet and toilet handle

Public Areas:

  • Increase cleaning and disinfection frequency for surfaces frequently touched by guests and employees.
  • High Touch Points: door handles, thresholds, hand railings, public information kiosk, elevator buttons and walls, trash receptacle touch points

Dining Room:

  • Provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations and increase cleaning and sanitizing frequency.
  • Begin disinfecting hard surfaces frequently touched by guests and employees.
  • High Touch Points: door handles, push plates, thresholds, hand railings, telephone, tables, chairs, coffee and beverage stations, vending and ice machines, highchairs, trash receptacle touch points

Public Restrooms:

  • Clean and disinfect public restrooms at least three times daily.
  • Provide alcohol-based sanitizer stations just outside of public restrooms.
  • High Touch Points: door handles, sink faucets, toilet handles, towel dispenser handle, soap dispenser push plates, baby changing station, trash receptacle touch points

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