Long Term Care

We Focus on Clean, So Your Customers Can Focus on Care

We help your customers meet the high expectations of residents and their families with an eye toward compliance and the bottom line. Our comprehensive approach with solutions, training and hands-on support is tailored to the unique needs of Long Term Care, helping to deliver a safe, caring, comfortable community for residents, visitors and staff.

Customers can count on their Ecolab Sales and Service Representative for training, solutions and hands-on support.

Our programs are designed specifically for Long Term Care locations. Our products help improve the health and safety of your customers’ community while helping to maximize operational efficiency.

We've been helping to create cleaner, safer, and healthier spaces for over 90 years. We’ll partner with you and your customers closely — developing solutions together.

Our Programs

Communities are looking for laundry solutions that can provide hygienically clean, fresh and soft results while reducing total operational costs
We Offer:

  • Programs that deliver premium softness to help minimize skin abrasion, and achieve optimal linen pH levels to help maintain healthy skin
  • The Aquanomic™ Laundry Program that enables great results with less water and energy through revolutionary technology and chemistry
  • Comprehensive laundry procedures training developed specifically for Long Term Care facilities

Cleanliness is the second most frequent topic mentioned by residents/ families when asked what they appreciate about their community1
We offer:

  • A complete program tailored to a location's unique needs
  • Hospital-grade disinfectants that clean and protect against Norovirus and other bacteria
  • A proven training program that helps ensure utilization of correct products and procedures

Prospective residents and visitors often judge the cleanliness of a location based on the appearance of its floors.
We Offer:

  • Maintenance solutions and training for all types of floor and carpeting
  • The MAXX Durable program which provides a long-lasting solution that helps reduce labor and maintenance costs
  • Floor finishes designed for Long Term Care, including matte finishes and hand sanitizer-resistant options

The right hand hygiene practices and systems help prevent the spread of infection throughout your community and ensure food safety.
We Offer:

  • A full range of hand hygiene products, from soaps to sanitizers to lotions
  • Nexa™ dispensers with antimicrobial protection in the manual dispensers' push bar to continuously inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew2
  • Touch Point Service™, including customized planning, free installation, expert training, continuing awareness and ongoing service

1 Pinnacle Quality Insights Customer Satisfaction Surveys, 2011
2 Bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause degradation


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