AdvaCare 120 Sanitizer/Sour

EPA registered sanitizer and sour that provides high neutralizing capacity.

  • Ecolab PIC: 6114299
  • GTIN Number: 00025469142993
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

When used as label directions specify, sanitizes linen at temperatures as low as 90°F, allowing for significant energy savings as compared to the 160°F that is normally government mandated.

Registered for sanitation against specific viruses as listed on label

Adjusts the pH of the linen, minimizing potential skin irritation


Sanitizing linen

Not registered for use in home-style washers

How To Use

Dilution Rates:

EXTRA LIGHT Blankets, bags 3
LIGHT Sheets, pillowcases, gowns, scrubs 3
MEDIUM Towels, washcloths 3
HEAVY Incontinent Pads 3
HEAVY Surgical, blood 3
COLORS Uniforms, personals 3

Directions for Use:

Product must be applied per the label:

  • 3 oz/CWT at 90°F to 160°F for 5 minutes.
  • No other products may be in the washwheel during the 5 minute exposure time.
  • Other finishing agents may be added to the same step after the five minute exposure or in a separate bath.
  • Product only compatible with certain dispensing materials (e.g. Viton squeeze tubes, nylon-braid tubing and Kynar reducing T's). Other dispensing restrictions apply. Contact Technical Service for more information.
  • Advacare 120 Sanitizer Sour has a strong, sharp pungent odor. Use in well ventilated area. An approved ventilator may be required.
  • Never mix any sour with chlorine bleach or alkaline products. Harmful vapors will be given off and fabric damage will occur.
  • Product only compatible with nylonbraid, Viton, and Kynar dispensing materials.
  • Specific questions regarding state regulations should be directed to Ecolab Regulatory Services (X2148).
  • Not registered for use in home-style washers. Contact Technical Service for clarification

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